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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Update: OPRAH THE ANTI CHRIST...Carter 4 Tracklisting...

How can you say Oprah is the anti-christ...this man have seriously lost ya damn mind...u can not talk like dat bout Oprah

The "Suppose to be" Lil Wayne Mixtape Tracklisting....not confirmed by label yet..but this is what Carter 4 is suppose to look like:

01 It's Weezy's… (Intro)
02 6 Foot 7 Foot f. Cory Gunz
03 Triple Exclusive
04 Nightmares Of The Bottom | Preview
05 My Wife Hate My Life f. Cee-Lo Green
06 How To Love
07 Block My Black Heart
08 Bad Stripin' (Girl's Bad)
09 Pray To Big Mason f. Drake & Nicki Minaj
10 Life Is A Goal
11 Fast Track f. Tech N9ne & Busta Rhymes
12 Destny Is Over, You Got Real
13 Retire My Royal
14 I'm Ready For You f. John Legend
15 You & Me
16 My Ghost On It
17 Sometimes I Think About Her (Move) f. will.i.am
18 Wayne's World
19 Big Power (Outro) f. Nas, Shyne & Jadakiss

Deluxe Edition
01 Flowers f. Lil Twist)
02 John (If I Die Today) f. Rick Ross

reports... http://hiphopwired.com

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