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Thursday, July 21, 2011

urban update: Catching up on This One....

Okay im late on this one...but of course musictoblow.com was on it first...Brisco official video to "Promises" of the 21 Jumpstreet Mixtape...

i love how he on his grown man right now....shout out for brisco and the grown man ness...i love how men they be keep 200, 2000 for the streets but know how to clean it up and flip it up for the ladies!!!!

And here is my boyz....Jake & Papa new viral video letting you know it's still theirs lol

I'm telling ya Papa is looking tres sexy him know he could get it...i'm just sayin, Jake looking quite nice himself too...I told cha'll (ya girl samore) I love that Cali Swag...it's something bout that cali-boy swag...

Shout out to them hosting "Da Urban Playlist Vol. 5" haven't checked it out CLICK HERE to listen/download.

Sweet Solutions....episode from Sweet Addiction Tv with our big sister Candy...

be sure to login in to youtube by CLICK HERE and subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend to, if she don't answer your question on sweet solutions..email justask2011@gmail.com your question, and thursday and our following syndicated situations for your advice from the big sis.

Also if you didn't know You can get SATV, on your android phone, go to your app store, SATV it's a free app, so take SATV, sweet addictions tv, on the go with you ...I'm trying to tell you Candy Crankin' it up....stay tuned http://youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

oh yeah in case you didn't know Ace Hood gon make you remember...August 9th Blood Sweat n Tears:

he getting body 2 body right now...on his sexyness with breezy on the hood for the ladies