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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Really you just going to inject Cement, Fix a tire, and Super Glue into someone ass and say you a doctor, Really. Have you heard about this story; Check it out, All I can say is Why?

Jeezy ft TI - F.A.M.E. [Official Video]

Fake Ass Muthafuckas Envy is what F.A.M.E. stand for, yes i was hella late on catching on, but I been on this record from release let's just say I broke this one. Nice video tho, classy, but still "G" with it.

Urban Ent #theueshow Top 10:  What you 'ought to be thankful for
(Thanksgiving 2011 Edition)

1- The urban ent radio show; your girl dj samore and the crew with your info-tainment news

2- God; for allowing you to wake up and still be here with out there would be no dj samore, sidekicks urban ent radio ; let alone urban ent be thankfuul

3- if you have people around in you in your best interest then u need to be thankful they are there and grateful; when it's down and slow you know that's the real people that will hold you down no matter what

4- if you have a car in your possession be thankful because you could be working with the public of transportation; and if you are in south florida (palm beach) it sucks mane i know lol

5- you enjoy new music, staying on top what is current, then musictoblow.com you should be thankful for, i'm just sayin!

6- Conrad Murray; he may be having suicidal thoughts while awaiting sentencing, but he should be thankful that the jails in Cali are crowded and he won't have to sit in there for 4 years

7- If you are a Miami Dolphins fam; be thankful ya'll have started to win some games (2) at least you can say this season ya'll won at least 2 games this season

8- Justin Bieber; the lady drop the charge claiming to have his baby; she should be thankful for that headache gone, but for some reason he still is going to take the paternity test to prove his point he is not the baby daddy I guess.

9- Rick Ross; with everyone passing and him having them seizures and still here, buying 8 chains for his NECKS, he should definitely thanking GOD for another day!

10- All my ladies in boca raton on the FAU campus, we need to be thankful for New Era for Her, inside the barbershop on campus, we dont have to get leave campus or travel to far to have our hair/nails tighten up.

DJ Samore: Da Urban Playlist- Indie & Unsigned Edition
(Click on cover to download)

Video from the Soul Train Awards on the Red Carpet:

From my Street Connect DJ  brother DJ Dirtdawg...he be bringing you them hits for the bedroom; 
Call him mr connect after dark drops Bedroom Muzik Vol. 1 Disk 2
(click on cover to download)