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Monday, November 21, 2011

Urban Update: Post AMA Awards Performances In Case You Missed IT!

Breezy Performance on the AMA's....Usher does Micheal, but Breezy does Breezy but u an see he might be the next MJ:

21111222851 by YardieGoals

Nicki Minaj is another one on another level.....opening the AMA's:

211112195947 by YardieGoals

Look out for her and Madonna do their thing at the Superbowl half time 2012.

Then you had Mary J Blige's emotional performance of Mr. Wrong, RIP to Heavy D

211112214919 by YardieGoals

Then Drake performs....or whatever you called that..."They Know"

211112221455 by YardieGoals

Justin Bieber singing his Christmas song looking all mistole young Elvis like...but he did his thing, you have to give it to him:

21111221411 by YardieGoals

I think it's almost over though, you can hear his voice changing.

Check out behind the scenes with fine ass Kirko "drank in my cup" video

Next Up Tv came through the urban ent radio show, and I just found the episode, check out the sistas riskey and miss phay check in on the show via next up tv, television show for the next superstars ; check them out at www.youtube.com/nexttvup , even Youngin Da Sp makes an appearance on the show.

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