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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urban Update: Why you Mad, Bedroom Muzik, Da Urban Playlist, We the Streets, and More

Birdman w/ Nicki & Wayne [Official Video]

Check out Nicki getting her weezy on lol.....get it in girl. I guess that's why you mad!

Volume 2 of Bedroom Muzik from DJ Dirtdawg

There are some R&B Jamz on here, make me gotta step up my r&b slow jam play list. I will sooo cosign this tape, and not because it's my street connect brother.
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Another one from the Street Connect DJs......We the Streets Vol. 5

Do you want to be on we the streets vol. 6 or have your record pushed by the street connect djs; email urbanentradio@gmail.com for information on promotional packages.

Stay connected with the Street Connect Djs, djs really connected to the streets to radio; and breaking records www.streetconnectdjs.com

Another one from DJ Samore: DA Urban Playlist Vol. 9
Stay Tuned for Da Urban Playlist vol. 10 hosted by Slip n Slide Records Qwote

A Lil Bit in Urban Infotainment...stay tuned for the show this week....check the radio schedule here

Conrad gets sentence today 11-29-2011; Tameka is taking Usher to court says he hasn't being paying his child support for their two kids and fail to fulfill his part of their joint custody parenting so she wants to strip his daddy rights away, now could this be because he took away her saks credit card away?? I don't know....but moving along Lauren London says she is not pregnant by The Dream....it's really because she still in love with Wayne or maybe not, but according to her response on twitter..she's not pregnant! Lately, what would make Shar Jackson want to hang himself in her background from a tree?? Damn Shar....more on this and more on the ue show....

I didn't even touch on urban tv- but check out the big sista 2 cents on love & hip hop and of course some random ish. If you need a laugh or something to brighten up your day....check this out:

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