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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Urban Update: Toni talking about her Snow Dippin Experience, Mama I wanna Sing finally on Dvd, And More

Toni Braxton on Chelsea Lately....its hella funny! She was there to talk about the show Braxton Family Values; but they end up talking about Toni dippin' in the snow right now, dating her ex husband, and how she not really that confrontable with her inner slut right now, and Chelsea says she can help her out with that...[Watch Here]

Check out this clip from Braxton Family Values New Episode that airs Tonite on WeTv at 9pm est, 8pm central.

Finally, the movie that was in the works for years, finally makes it to DVD in 2012; staring Ciara in Mama I just wanna sing, an all star cast though from Lynn Whitfield, Patti LaBelle, Hill Harper, Ben Vereen, and some other fine male fine familiar  faces too...[Watch the Trailer Here]

Also to come in 2012 is Rock of Ages....and Mary J Blige will be our token black person in it...I'm Just Sayin'

Micheal Jackson's daughter Paris talks with Ellen about wearing a mask when she was a kid, how it made her feel and when she knew she wanted to do what her dad did.
Just looking at the photo doesn't she favor Ellen just a little bit? I mean I'm Just Sayin'. 

So SWV is making a comeback...expect the new album dropping 2012; their new single is Co-Sign; which is their first release since 1997. Check out a recent performance from them at a show in Toronto.

From the looks of things they look like they still have it...

Hitting the theters 2012, May 25th, is Men in Black III, Let's just say Agent J and Agent K are back, well something like that, [Watch the official trailer here]