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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urban Update: New Tyler Perry Movie Trailer, Candy Message to Trina Braxton, and More

Qwote - Say My Name [Official Video]

You could say how come the girl has to be asian or something, if or were there any African American sistahs on hand for the casting. You could say this. But my thing is really, he going to do all this making him say his name, all this love making, with his shades on??? Really...that must be some talent right there, I mean I'm Just Sayin'....If you think about it when does Qwote every take his shades off, next time he's on the show I got to find out what are at least 5 things that would make him take his shades off...again I'm Just Sayin'.

New Tyler Perry Movie Good Deeds due in theaters February 24, 2012, staring Gabrielle Union, Phylicia Rashad, Brian White, Thandie Newton and Tyler who stars as Wesley Deeds III.

Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv on youtube, had some words this week for Trina Braxton on her behavior towards her husband. At first I was like it was the liquor, but then after I seen it again, and then listen to what Candy was saying; Trina was wrong she shouldn't been all up on the dude in front of her husband at the party, that was disrespectful. If she so called forgave him, forgive him and let's move on. Then she gets mad when he puts a GPS on her phone. So is she trickin' now too? Bottom line she was dead wrong at the party....at first you could think it was the alcohol, but watching it again Trina wasn't that tore up.

Check out Candy's words for Trina Braxton here: