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Sunday, December 18, 2011


URBAN TOP 10: [10] Urban Ent News Moments in 2011 

1- They thought they found a black man to run against Barack Obama in 2012 presidental campaign election. WRONG

2- Eddie Long molesting teen boys and leaves the church for a minute in 2011

3- The search for the official sidekicks in the cut on the urban ent radio show, kmitch305 and miss miss

4- Braxton Family Values, we got to meet the Braxton clan, and Tamar has finally became a star with her dot coms and orgs

5- Jay Z and kanye west dropped/released "Watch the Throne" one of the classic albums of 2011

6- TI; he got out of jail, went back in, got out, went back in, and got out, all in the course of 1 year! And has a tv show on now Monday Nights on VH1, and look out for his book and new album in 2012.

7- Remember when they thought Facebook was going to shut down, and then was going to start charging membership to be on it?

8- Drake's Take Care Album, he express his feelings for the love of his life Nicki Minaj on the low

9- Planking (How can we forget this nonsense game)

10- Chris Brown Comeback from slapping up on that hooka Rihanna, damn did I just call her a hooka...yelp, sure did!

KMitch 305: @kmitch305 top 5 why's in 2011

1- why on earth was there a 200lb kid in 2nd grade (8 years old)

2- Why was it a trend for males to dye their hair blond

3- Why did a cop shoot his partner then went to go get pizza

4- Why did the nba & nfl have a lock out

5- Why did politicians send pics of themselves in dms on twitter

Stay tuned for the final wrap up show and preview for 2012, this coming week! And the official new name for the radio show program....hint it's going to be an experience.