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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

URBAN UPDATE: Go Getta of the Week...Black & White Remix...and More

Last week on The Urban Experience Miss Miss' Go Getta of the week was Trina & Blue Ivy Carter....Blue Ivy is def a go getter and don't even know it. Check out how Blue Ivy is living:

handmade solid gold Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for $60,000.
Vetro Lucite Crib – $3,500
Fantasy Carriage Crib – $19,995
Swarovski Crystal Studded High Chair – $15,500
Swarovski Crystal Studded Pink Bathtub – $5,200
Diamond Encrusted Pram – $50,000
Jean Paul Gautier Silk Baby Dress $285
Cashmere Baby Blanket $300
Windmill Playhouse $30,000

and they named a special strain of marijuana after her "OJ Blue Ivy", instead of that cali good or purp...get that "OJ Blue Ivy".

Black & White new production duo .... be on the look out for them in 2012, check out the hot remix of Rihanna's You da One feat Qwote

Tay Dizm [Official Video]

Cupid - Dance on the Mattress [Official Video]

Okay not your average dance song from Cupid aye....Feel Good Music [The Album] Coming Feb 14th