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Monday, January 16, 2012


Check out DJ Samore's "Top 10" Urban Ent Recap of 2011

Kmitch 305 represent for the fellas, top 5 whys of 2011...JUST WHY???

Since we recaping the year of 2011....the big sista Candy who help ya'll out on just ask yo question,
check out Sweet Addictions TV 2011 year and review

Didn't know about Sweet Addictions Tv, you sleep, wake up, 2012 and subscribe and then tell a friend to tell another friend to do the same

www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv <<<---- Funniest Craziest Realist Channel on Youtube!!!!

2012 Urban Ent, DJ Samore, The Urban Experience is going harder in 2012, I think that Future song "Go Harder" Just might be the anthem for the 2012. But stay tuned, a lot of different, new things to come!!!!

Shout out to the family members official sidekicks in the cut on the urban experience Miss Miss and K Mitch 305. Look out for Kmitch 305 whys 2012 and Miss Miss 's go getta of the week.

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A lot was accomplished in 2011 professionally and personally, with the help of the lord and your support continue to rock with your girl and we about to continue to keep it real real urban but not too urban that we scare suburbia you see what happen to Monique and her late night show right??? Okay, I'm just sayin. We love you auntie Mo, but just gotta keep it tres 100.

2012 anthem Future - Go Harder, get with it or get lost! GO HARDER!!!! 2012!!!!!