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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Urban Update: Jennifer Hudson Got This, Brandy shouts out Kim K, and More

It's not only a song, It's a book too. Jennifer shares a lot from American Idol to Dreamgirls to her weight loss with Weight Watchers during an exclusive

Part 2

Part 3

Brandy talks about the new man in her life, and says she's still cool with Kim K

Speaking of Brandy; her role on the game, some say it was the writers and she did what she could and some said she need to remember how to act. I think she did her thing tho.

Now on to the Game, the review that says it all is the review from my big sista Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv, she wrapped it up all in about 60 secs....

Candy SATV Game Review:

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Willow Smith 10 - 11 years old hitting the pole
looks like some pimpin is going on here

Here is the infamous room where beyonce gave birth to blue ivy at the lennox hill hospital

There are 4 flat screen TV’s, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings. And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!