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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Urban Update: Videos from Jigg305 Officially "Rockin Wit" , Tyrese "Nothin' On You, and More

Jigg from the 305 finally releases the highly anticipated Rockin' Wit Official Video, single off High Grade Mixtape/Album

"Rockin Wit" - Official Video

The song familiar right it's how we kick off the urban experience/dj samore show:

Tyrese - Nothin On You featuring Chilli

'Rese and Chilli look like some off screen action is happening right here, nice video, nice song. 2012 year for the R&B son.

Beyonce working on the new projects, production duo Black n White entered the End of Time Remix

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New from H Town's Kirko Bangz "The Pole"

Only because he's a cutie. shout out to all the strippers i mean exotic dancers thats a hell of a hustle for realz.

Check out Candy from Sweet Addictions TV's What the world is going on in the World? Cousin Patches visits and adds some color to this episode...

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