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Monday, February 13, 2012

Urban Update; Whitney Houston Heart Attack Overdose on Prescription Pills

Whitney Houston Update:

I am kind of happy that the reason had nothing to do with any illegal type of substances. I'm still sad to say we lost a music icon who was going to make her comeback this year staring in the Sparkle Remake later this year. Learning that she was a possible mentor for this season of XFactor, that can't happen anymore now that she's not with us. All we can do is pay tribute to her, and remember she was one of the highest selling, best female vocalist of all time. She was also a pretty darn good actress too.  And Bobbi Kristine mother. Our prayers and hope that Bobby Kris, her mom, and the rest of the family are okay. We understand their morn. Whitney Houston wasn't just our favorite artist, she was our sister, aunt, cousin. We definitely will miss her and will not forget her.

"Law enforcement sources told CBS NEWS that while there were no illegal substances found in HOUSTON's hotel room, there were prescription drugs. Authorities said the most likely theories for HOUSTON's death are that she died of a heart attack or a prescription drug overdose, CBS NEWS correspondent JOHN BLACKSTONE reports."

TMZ Reports from the family that Whitney Houston aunt was there to help her get ready for the show later that night, She had laid out her dress for that night. Her aunt left for about an hour and a half, came back Whitney was still in the bathroom, where she found her in the tub and pulled her out trying to give her CPR...and that's when the ambulance was called and she was pronounced dead. Reports say that they wouldn't let Bobby Kris in to see her mother either, Her body is sent back to Atlanta, Her mother is going to bury her there. In Atlanta, is must where she and her family stay, because if she is from Jersey why be buried in Atlanta, to eaches own I guess.

Clive Davis of course had some words to say Houston's sudden death, "By now, sadly, we've all learned of the unspeakable [tragedy] of our beloved WHITNEY's passing. I don't have to mask my emotions, not in front of this room filled with so many dear friends. I am personally devastated. WHITNEY was so full of life ... she was a beautiful person with talent beyond compare. She graced the stage with a regal presence ... and her family asked that the show go on."

Remembering Whitney Houston Gone but never will be forgotten, those might come close but have yet to touch Whitney's vocal performance.

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay

It really will be okay RIP to Whitney aka Nippy...Missed by the world

Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans - Count on Me

Stay Tuned to the urban experience this week for a crazy urban whitney tribute mix from DJ Samore....