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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Urban Update: Whitney Houston R.I.P. Dead at 48! Tribute to Whitney Houston

We are in disbelief but we lost icon in popular not just R&B Music, Whitney Houston is an artist that most R&B vocalist look up too and are inspired by. We don't know the cause just yet, but her last performance and appearance was Thursday at Kelly Price R&B & Friends show.

Rumors first said that Ray J found her body in the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Saturday Feb 11, 2011,  later was corrected that it was her body guard. Her last appearance was at Kelly Price R&B and Friends Pre Grammy Event, check out her getting a little performance in:

Bobbi Kristina was right there, the two of them were seen hand and hand. Whitney Houston seem nothing more but happy. She was introducing everybody to Bobbi Kristina.

A little fact about Whitney in case you didn't know, Whitney Houston sold 300 million albums world wide, and 70 of those millions were just in the US alone. She along with Micheal Jackson were one of the few artist to ever go Diamond. And if you don't know what Diamond is, Gold is 500,000 albums sold, 1 million is Platinum, 100 million is Diamond. Not many hit that 100 million mark on an album, especially of today urban musical artists.

In rememberance of Whitney Houston:

One of the most or THE MOST MEMORABLE SUPERBOWL STAR SPANGLED BANNER Performances in 1991.

From the movie "Preachers Wife": "I believe in you and me"

The hit from the classic "The Bodyguard" "I have nothing"

Rumors have it that they are working on a remake and Jennifer Hudson is to be playing the Rachael Marron character.

Throwback Throwback Whitney Houston "HOw will I know"

Clive Davis signed her to Arista and she recieved a 100 million dollar advance, being that she sold over 300 million albums worldwide. He made his money back and she made hella muchu denero too. I'm talking about stacks on top of stacks for real though.

Another Throwback, doing my research this song came out the year I was born "Saving All My Love"

We can't forget the very first BET Awards, BET Honored Whitney Houston with the very first BET Lifetime Achievement Award

Christina Aguilera was one of the ones on hand to pay tribute to the singer in 2001, the 1st Annual BET Awards

Whitney Houston sings her classic remake "I will Always Love You"

However, this is my favorite song from the movie "The Bodyguard": "I have nothing" the vocal performance in the song she does is crazy!

And just this year she was going to make or would been making her comeback to acting in the remake of "Sparkle", She was playing the sister's mother. Check out interview with her and Jordin Sparks who plays Sparkle in the remake, coming out August 20th this year.

So who is going to play Savannah in the Waiting to Exhale Sequel "Getting to Happy" .....

I found this picture and caption on Facebook:

"Micheal Jackson had us thinking we can dance and Whitney Houston had us thinking we can sing"
 soooo sooo true. Two Musical Icons gone. And yet we don't know the cause of death of Houston, but something tells me drugs played a part just as Jackson's death. Soooo sooo sad. It's up to the artist like  Jennifer Hudsons and Fantasias carry on.

RIP Whitney Houston will are definitely missed already!!!