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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Urban Update: Whitney Houston is Really Gone With A Great Home Going Service

Fantasisa express her feelings losing of Whitney Houston

Monica tribute to Whitney Houston during performance:

Monica is definitely one of those singers that comes close to "The Voice" the legend Whitney Houston. Whitney aka Nippy will always be missed but we can't forget she left us with catologs of hits and memories.

There was a private viewing Bobby Kris and Cissy walk in the funeral home

One of the touching moments at Whitney Houston furnel when Ray J broke down when the carried whitney's body out the church:

Other moments where Alicia Keys and R.Kelly's touching performances. Kevin Cosner speaking...Whitney Houston will sure be miss and never forgotten. Another artist I never got a chance to meet. The only person that is on that list is Alicia Keys and I hope to see her soon.

Clive Davis with Brandy and Monica Grammy Interview:

Here is when Whitney Came up gave Brandy the note...Everyone want to know what said. I think it could have said "Jesus Loves You and so do I" ....Check it out and try to read Brandy expression:

These random moments we will miss Whitney Houston....

for some reason this last moment makes me tear up...I never got to meet Whitney, everybody is so lucky who got a chance to be in her presence.

Whitney Was Sure One of a Kind...
My Love is Your Love .....RIP Whitney We Miss You and will always remember what you did and set the standard for other artist to follow you...