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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Urban Update: Spotlight Artist Brandon Hines "Yes You Are"

Since Jill Scott's Blessed is the track of the week, just viewing "Yes You Are" the official cakin' song. That song to get you out the dog house, because if I had a boo, and he "played" this song to me, I might forget what he did too. The video matches the song too, it's so sweet. Check it out here:

And Brandon Hines, is a cutie too. I had to say it. BFD list uhhh not really, I kinda don't really know 'em like that lol. But you can follow B.Hines on twitter at @bhinesthereal

Brandon Hines also has a track on the "Think Like A Man" Soundtrack that's out April 30th. Check it out here:


This boy can sang! He is definitely going to really start bubbling, and just know you heard about him from DJ Samore's Urban Experience - Urban Ent first!