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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Urban Update: TI Chops It Up, Mary Mary Pole Dancing, and More

TI talks the new album, television shows, movies, artist, family life all that....

 Tyra Banks say ANTM just needed a new look...so had to let'em go

Have you been watching Mary Mary on WeTv Thursday Night's at 9pm est, check out preview about tonight's episode, Erica says let's go to pole dancing class, Tina gets there and is like you, ya'll can do that but not I, not Tina Mary Mary lol...Check out the clip:

Check out J.Fallan with President Obama slow jammin' the news....

Lastly...that what sets us black people back! Why this by gonna grab the mic from the white lady and say I'm a Nigga Man smh ....Just why? We got to do better ya'll

Here's a moment from the Real Housewives of Atl Reunion....Nene was like u had a little help with yours lol...damn sheree how u going to build chateau sheree now, instead of boosting up drama she should have been getting her hustla on while on the show for 4 seasons. They might would have kept her.