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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Urban Notice: Celebrate Whitney Houston, Rosay Keep Your Shirt On, Candy get a Refill, with a BRAND NEW JAM OF THE WEEK

Urban Update aka Urban Notice.....an update that puts you on notice of what's going on? Works, right ? Okay maybe not.

Have you seen Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks new video, if you were a Whitney fan, or just a fan of "The Voice" you can't help to be like DAMNNN WHITNEY IS REALLY GONE....

 Celebrate (From the Motion Picture "Sparkle")

 Sparkle in theaters August 17th
 I feel like if you bootleg this movie, it would be total disrespect to such a vocal legend like Whitney Houston.

Now a lot of people said I was wrong for this one, because Rick Ross is rich and he can do what he wants, NOT, if he want's to be topless, go shirtless, then Ima need him to tighten up...Usher was looking hella sexy, but Rick Ross dark nipples was a hella turn off for me, I can't even listen to the song now without thinking about Rosay's dark nipples he was showing off in the video, I'm Just sayin.

Candy made the top 10 in the Tyler Perry contest, made her want to sing what she knew of Elle Varner's Refill....Check it out


 You didn't know Candy can sang, oh she be sanging.....

 Brand New Jam of the Week: Melanie Fiona ft J.Cole This Time  

 Interview with Elle Varner will be online soon