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Friday, June 29, 2012

Urban Update: Catch Up!!!!!!

A lot has happen in the urban ent post...but of course I have a couple spotlights for you

Jigg -in my opinion is like TI of Miami. 
Spittaduction hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon
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 New Remix from Black and White:

 Love & Hip Hop ATL 2 Cents from Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv

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 ATL Reality Show on Lives of ‘Mistresses’  
 Real Housewives of ATL started it ....now the hoes/jumpoffs/sidechicks want their spotlight now
Ain't that bout a biah!!! 

 Now if this aint some Illuminati shit, a father's day present....I guess we'll ask Kanye why he would get it for Jay for Father's day.

Will from Day 26 does his version of R.Kelly's 12 play and killed it 

 Musik Jones Drew - Wanted Distraction