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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Urban Update: Black Women Speaks Out 'Bout Butt Injections, Praise some Negros and F some AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

Check out this 30 year old "expert" talk about her fake butt injections and even hip injections, and the reason she stop was not that it almost killed her, but because she was about to go to jail...she has 2 childern. She spent $16,000 on her ass...Really...u already know what's next, "We Got To Do Better". Check out the interview:

Vanity Wonder Massive Fake Booty & Fake Boobies by gabyybag

Time to Praise a couple of people; like Alicia Keys standing up and backing the get out and vote this election on "obama side

Another Praise goes to Willow Smith, 11 year old girl, want to stand up and speak up on human trafflicking and modern slavery, making her parents become active and speaking up in congress, and lil shorty was right there too

Zimmerman already has an F Dat Award for the year...but here is just proof why he gets a F U Negro!!!! He's talking about Trayvon "unarm" say i'm going to kill you, and says he prays for Trayvon's parents for their loss, how he killed his son...man GTFOH. Watch this clip from the interview:

Let's end this update, on a good, no cute note...The President and First Lady was caught on the kissing cam at the BBall game. They were booed the first time because they didn't kiss, but the 2nd time. Barack leaned over and kissed his woman, sooooo sweet, chivalry is still alive homies.