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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Urban Update: What the Hell Happen to 6 & Love & Hip Hop Atl

What the Hell Happen to.....702 I know most of you remember them from "Where My Girls At" some of you will remember "Steelo" and was the theme song in "Cousin Skeeter". If you didn't know what "Steelo" was, it was the equivalent to the word "swagger" these days.

 But the question is What the Hell Happen to them???

 Check out this love and hip hop atl parody:

 Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv on youtube is crazy, she has Joseline's accent down from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. If you need a comedic relief real quick, this will do it.

Check out more from Candy on youtube at www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

 Since we are on Love and Hip Hop Atl, check out Rasheeda's "Marry Me" Music Video:

 I'm just saying tho, where is the dude that she's putting it in the video, the chicken in the restroom where this came from? Sheeda girl ughh u got waaaay more harder stuff then this.