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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

U.E. Update: Letting Go vs Cry

Is this another case of the bigger guy trying to show off the guy on the come up??? Both records are sample from Brenda Russell's Piano in the Dark. Both are pop version. One came out gaining hella buzz first, then the bigger guy puts out a video for his version.

Take a look at Qwote's Letting Go single then Flo Rida's I Cry and you decided which is the better record. Flo's version is more emotional, but take the "name" out the equation and which one is the better song,  the one you can really rock to.

In my opinion, I originally thought this was some case of some bitchassness like why would Flo Rida put out the same song like basically stealing the whole steez (sound/style) of Qwote's record "Letting Go". Then I talked to my homie Qwote, and basically he said there's no beef between the two. So, now I figure is it that Flo or the people around him see the momentum with Qwote's Letting Go and was like hey let's holla at Brenda Russell because you are Flo Rida and put out our version....

I don't know, but at the end of the day "Letting Go" is the better song. Flo Rida should have kept his emotional ass song on the album like fo real,  you can feel from where he came from and where he's at now but at the end of the day STAY IN YOUR LANE, or at least give credit to the homie Qwote.

Check out both "OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOS" and you make the call...

 Qwote - Letting go (Cry Just a Little)

 Flo Rida - I Cry

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Enough comments we might can get Qwote in the bldg to get his feedback live on the air, and the same for Flo Rida.