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Thursday, October 11, 2012

U.E. Update: Stacy Dash Republican, Sesame Street Team Obama, The Houston's Preview

Jackass move of the week: Stacy Dash unemployed, getting fired from movies and tv shows cosigning Mitt Romney, the only thing i can say is if Mitt cut her a check to co-sign for him, has she been listening to his platform what he thinks about women.... 

Check out this video, she tries to explain her theory:  

The whole Sesame Street is def behind the President on this one:

 Kim K is upset that the chick is having Reggie's baby; but she shopping for houses with Kanye and says he's the best man she ever been with....uh yeah..I still think Kanye is her replacement for Reggie Bush...who cries over because your ex is having a baby with his new chick, after being with a year and you was with him for longer, and they getting married....i'm just sayin!

The NBA Players got Obama Back Too:

 Mr. Vegas break down when he was talking about the sex scandal he was caught up in:

 Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon
in this picture Nick Gordon looks like bobby brown in his young days and Bobbi Kristina looks like Whitney Houston, but they break the news to the family and the family not feeling it, I don't see the problem tho because he already in the family, why not make it officially, her mama already approved him, it probably it was almost was like a pre arranged thing 

 Check out the season premiere October 24th of The Houston's On Our Own, on lifetime:  

 Christmas Day look out for D'Jango Unchained with Jamie Foxx; check out the latest trailer: