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Saturday, May 25, 2013

U.E. Update: @2klife presents Close Friends Episode 8 , @sweetaddictions working , @purepressure954 true religion hook up, new music from @sevyn

Close Friends Episode 8

 catch, past episodes at 2klife.net

SATV working at 2013 Kontrol Magazine, Kontrol Your Destiny Awards hosted by Sylenna Johnson
Candy from Sweet Addictions is coming back, got a situation need some advice hit us up on facebook.com/theurbanexperience.

New show coming to light, Toya & Memphis Crazy in Love...no specific network it's on yet, but looks interesting to me, what you think?

Artist Spotlight: Pure Pressure I Like Contest
JOIN THE PURE PRESSURE " I LIKE CONTEST " Pure Pressure "I LIKE IT" Contest!!!! Enter now to win a shopping spree at True Religion. Contest starts May 7th - June 7th 2013. 3 WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED!! Contest Rules: 1. Follow @purepressure954 official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page. 2. Repost images of Pure Pressure the group or use the promo picture with the single “I Need U”. 3. Think of creative ways to let us know what you like using hashtag #purepressureIlikeit in your post. The winner will be the person who has the most post using the hashtag #purepressureIlikeit.

Winners will be selected and contacted on June 7, 2013 12:00 p.m.

Take a listen to their smash single "I Need You"

New Music from Sevyn Streeter; bringing that real R&B sanging back!!! New single "It Wont Stop" this girl can sang, shout out to her hosting the mixtape with Ravaughn CLICK HERE TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD , but check out her BRAND NEW SINGLE "IT WONT STOP"

New Music Video: TGT Sex Aint Never Felt Better.... like it got to be a law they breaking with all this sexy going on...