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Thursday, June 27, 2013

U.E. Update: SEASON 1 FINALE OF @2KLIFE 'S @CLOSEFRIENDSWS , Exclusive Brand New @marqueshouston, Check Out @bnwmusic, Artist Spotlight @mindlessbhavior

Check out the season Finale of 2klifetv presents Close Friends episode 10 - All Falls Down
(Ish Just Got Real)
Catch up watch the whole season one all over again www.2klife.net , Wanna contribute for a season 2, then click Here.

Marques Houston - Famous - August 27th , Official New Single w/ Problem
"Give Your Love A Try"

Everyone seems to be put up on came now, Nelly and Country Artist Florida Georgia Line "Cruisin" Check out the video, this is my jam, right here!

 Maybach O aka Omarion has his own little webseries, Check out part 5 and 6, he takes us to where he really came from, if you didn't think O be really bout that life, that boy be bout that life,son
Part 5

Part 6

Artist Spotlight- Mindless Behavior "Used To Be"
The song seems too grown for the fellas, grown people don't be a shame to be vibing to this song, only thing remember these are kids under 18, they just start driving. But anyway, they seem like they will last beyond B2K, be more like the 2013 version of New Edition. Look out for a new movie with them and Mike Epps called "Bad Behavior"

About that EDM/Trap Electro Life check out my boyz "DJ Black n White" DJ/Producer Duo, Click Here to check out their show.

Rasheeda is the homegirl, but I think she should have listened to Deb on this one, focus on her other projects, in the studio, and after she have the baby and get her physical back, then do the video thing. But I guess she's really like she said doing what she FEELS she gotta do...Check out "Hit it from the Back". Love the eye candy girl 'Sheeda.....#imjustsayin