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Thursday, July 4, 2013

U.E. Update: Happy 4th of July!!!! Post BET AWARDS 2013 POV & DJ Samore Commentary

Happy 4th of July!!! Black Music Month ended with the night of Black Star Power taking over LA Live with the BET AWARDS, BET Experience Weekend. Of course DJ Samore was watching and taking notes, yet another year she didn't make it to the Left Coast. So Here's the BET Awards Review in DJ Samore So Urban P.O.V.
First, we will start with the pre show, all over the place it was. Bow Wow is a quite interesting host, but at times he can be doing the most with his little self. But I really finally realize that damn what happen to the other kids that were suppose to be hosting 106 and Park, thats a BET We Got You for you, i guess they got you but only for a limit. The cutest couples of the night were Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union and Ciara and Future. Talking about couples Robin and Paula, what the hell did Paula pop or was sippin on before the awards show, she was extra extra happy out chere.

Ne-yo was there with his artist Ravaughn, Trinidad James looking like Miss Celie son from the Color Purple, Kenya from RHOA was out there, with a dress from Kandi's closet, she didnt look too homeless. Miguel was out there with his girlfriend, I just want to know why on earth he like wearing them tight ass pants, bruh your nuts need some air...unless they not that big and ok with the less room to breathe. You see how he be doing them James Brown splits during his performances. Elle Varner was hosting the behind the scene Red Carpet online at bet.com, she did her thing, she might have a 2nd career in hosting. Elle was definitely having fun with it. 2 chainz we know he is different but damn bruh how old are you!!! K. Michelle was rocking it, she won the the Red Carpet best hair. Ace Hood killed the pre show stage with Bugatti and I think he did We Outchere, July 16th new album in stores, Kevin Hart was turnt up on the red carpet and awards show, his little self, plugging his new movie "Let Me Explain" in theaters now all the way thru, Speaking of Ace Hood, he almost lost his faceplate on his watch on the red carpet. Tamar Braxton with her post baby look, out there on the red carpet, and won the first award of the night, BET CEntric Award. I'm mad when I saw Fab (Fabolous) got all that money now, you never here he's in trouble with the tax man, so you know he got money to get his tooth fix. Let me get his type of money, Ima have a smile like K. Michelle, I'm just sayin tho. Nelly was looking sexy out there. Kendrick Lamar every time I saw him, I was he could get it!!!! I guess that was same thing Erkyah Badu had to say, because she had him hemmed up in the back where he couldn't even get his award for "Best New Artist". Now let's get on to the awards show...

The show started bout 7:59pm with Chris Brown performance "Fine China" and "Somebody Else" with Nicki in a cage in the sky, wasn't that spectacular as Breezy performances usually are, but nice open. Chris Tucker was the host, and he was like the IRS is the reason he said yes to the show, because he need a check. Too Funny, see if BET ask him back, but over all Chris was alright he had lil jokes here and there, but I really think everybody was off on that new Greygoose Cherry Noir the sponsor of the night.

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist - Miguel (came up there with his tight as pants)

Robin Thicke performed Blurred Lines with TI and Pharell (they did their thing, Robin was getting down on stage and they showed Paula she was hella enjoying herself as she was on the red carpet, TI was getting his too step on)

Young Stars Award - Gabby Douglus won, I thought it was gonna be the little girl who got the Oscar, can you believe that I still can't say her name. but Gabby did get the gold for the USA at the Olympus

Best New Artist - Kendrick Lamar , wasn't their to accept his award I thought it was because he was about to perform but they say him and Erkyah Badu was hemmed up in the backstage dressing room for bout 30 minutes. Kendrick can get it!!! He performed bitch don't kill my vibe with Ms Badu singing the hook, and I think the highlight of his performance was Badu's Walk at the end. She prob was like Ima show you have a real ass look walking away.

Speaking of derrieres, Nicki Minaj when she went up there to get her award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, whyyyyy her behind look like he got bigger, I was like damnnn her ass have grown, it looked some type of un real.But she was getting it during the Island break, reggae mix with Elephant Man, Beenie Man and all them, but why her real end was not moving tho....I'm just sayin.

R.Kelly performance- basically was to show ya'll that he's the king of R&B and that he got a catalog for yo ass

Best Gospel Artist - Mary Mary (who else was gon win, but they better be careful because next year Tamala Mann coming for the title)

Subway Sportsman of the year - Lebron James

Subway Sportsman of the year - Gabby Douglus in my opinion I think should been Serena she been killing it this year in tennis, but congrats to Gabby, besides how many does Serena got

Mariah perform the "So Beautiful Remix" with Jeezy uhhh okay , it was Mariah but could she gave us more...just standing up there on that golden little pedestal, but when you Mariah Carey I guess you could do that.

Best Man Holiday Cast came out - Nov 15th look out for that, the long awaited Best Man Sequel with all of the original characters/actors.

Miguel performance, we can tell he tries his best to give us his best Prince during a performance. But I dont think Prince would have worn that jacket tho, or maybe he would have, the best part for me was when Kendrick Lamar came out for his verse of "How Many Drinks", you should already know

Kendrick Lamar can get it!!!! I just love that west coast/cali swag.

Best Male Hip Hop Artist - Kendrick Lamar (winning)

JT come out we thought he was going to perform suit and tie, but it was to present Uncle Charlie Wilson with the BET Cadillac Lifetime Achievement Award.

Indie Arie - did "There goes my baby", my comments exactly "she did that" (some may disagree with her outfit but u know Indy be a lil eccentric with it)

Jamie Foxx- had to come out and pay tribute to uncle Charlie with yearning, although didn't felt like he gave it a 100% because we know Jamie can SANNNNNNNG

Stevie Wonder- always gotta have stevie part of a tribute, but while focusing on the performance the fact that they don't just let that man shave his hair, how far does his hairline got to receed back for them to be like Stevie we might as well cut the plats, i'm just saying

Uncle Charlie Wilson didn't mind he was just excited that Stevie Wonder was paying him tribute. Then after he got his award, he did his thing showed them that he still got it!!!! Justin Timberlake, Snoop, and Pharell helped him out too.

J Cole performance - Crooked Smile and power trip with Miguel , Miguel coming out like he had been in a fight, with holes in his shirt. Sidenote - If J Cole didn't have a girl, he could get it too. I love that song Crooked Smile, it would been dope if TLC came out and sung the hook with him, but it was only BET what to expect, again I'm just sayin....

Sidenote- all the times Miguel hit the stage, no he did not jump into the audience, at the beginning

Chris Tucker was like don't do it, BET dont got no insurance for all that.

Tamala Man performed take me to the king - no words -

Sidenote - Bet Gospel Segment went from a full segment to 1 song....I guess they was like gospel people got they own show now "Celebration of Gospel" in January.

Ciara performed her new song with Nicki Minaj "I'm Out" and the hit "Body Party" killed it!!! Let you know I'm back Bitches!! July 9th get her new album. I thought she would have done her remix with BOB and Future but she did her thing still.

Best Collaboration- Problems ASAP Rocky ft Kendrick Lamar, 2 chainz, and drake

Candy from Sweet Addictions TV brought a good point in everybody's Thank Yous only ASAP and

Kendrick was the only ones that thank the lord!!! And thats a good highlight to make!!!

Humantarian Award - Dwayne Wade aka "3" for his work with helping kids read, and acheive their goals with his foundation "Wades World".

Dwayne thought he won the fandemonium  award from the fans but Chris Brown popped out there, and was like uh nope #teambrezzy all day 4 years in a row

Best Female Hip Hop Artist - we all knew it was Nicki Minaj, BET just be trying to find people to fill the category to actually make it look like a competition.

Viewers Choice - Started from the Bottom - Drake (wasnt there ol' F.A.N.)

The game cast was out there presenting Best Movie which was "Think Like A Man" , look out for the sequel June 2014.

2 awards that didn't make the live taping, and I think BET did it on purpose because they know. Best female artist Rihanna over Beyonce or Alicia Keys are you kidding me, makes no sens, and Best Group they give it to the "Thrift Shop" boyz the white boyz are u serious...man BET makes no damn sense!!!!!

That's pretty much my overview rundown of this year's BET AWARDS 2013, overall it was better than the past couple of years but things like having R.Kelly perform then present the Gospel Artist award, Megan good introduce gospel in that hooker dress...I'm just sayin...BET they try tho, but of course there were moments where they tried it!!! Also this year show was hella long....like on a

Sunday when people got to work on MONDAY morning. They highligted a lot of new movies to look out for "The Best Man Holiday" and "The Black Nativity".

Check out Candy's review of the awards show....she gives a rather color commentary of the awards show:

Ciara did her thing at the bet awards, debuted her new video with Nicki Minaj "I'm Out" check it out if u missed the video:

Fantasia is another on back, off the new album "Without You" w/ Kelly Rowland & Missy Help

Ace Hood - We Outchere (official video)
I made my way from the bottom, and im grinding, i wake up every morning and im looking for commas, bout my dollas, im going all out, thats on my mama, cuz we outcherrre -