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Friday, March 4, 2016

@KendrickLamar Drops Surprise Album: "Untitled Unmastered"

Yup you read that right. Kendrick Lamar has dropped his new album "Untitled Unmastered" without a single warning and fans are going crazy!

Like the album "title," each track is untitled as well; with a date next to each one possibly indicating the time each song was made. Nice touch Kdot!

In the Editors' Notes it states: "Every element of [his] untitled unmastered tells you something about the Compton MC's proactive, multi-layered genius [...] Songs like 'untitled 03" and "untitled 05"with layered references, wild-eyed jazz solos, and cutting insight—continue Lamar's winning streak"

Kendrick is winning alright and were here for it!

Purchase Untitled Unmastered here