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Friday, March 11, 2016

#Video: Rihanna feat. Drake- Work (Cover by Lil Mama)

The "Lip Gloss" rapper that we've all grown to love, has not been receiving any lately. Especially after releasing her rendition of Rihanna's "Work" and a music video to go along with it.

Lil Mama is slowly making her way back into the music scene by releasing her cover of "Panda"by Desiigner and Rihanna's song "Work." One would think that an artist who fell off and then tries to make a comeback, would be welcomed with open arms. In Lil Mama's case, however, people haven't been showing love. 

The video and the record itself was something people were not expecting. She spit a couple bars and so far the song is good and sounds like it could possibly be a hit. It's when she started singing that made people lose interest and go back to hating on her. The song would have been something if she rapped the whole way through and added more of "her" to it. 

Lil Mama has been the butt of all jokes lately. Therefore, it's only fair to give her a chance to prove herself. This is a good place to start though. 

We see you workin' mama!