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Monday, November 7, 2011


Dr. Conrad is found guilty. Well we knew it was going to be that, because what doctor doesn't know CPR for one. And how come he just couldn't be there to watch this man who was addicted to drugs and was paying him over 100,000 dollars a month. This is all I'm saying! The family finds it justice, even if he doesn't get years in jail and just probation!

Jermaine Jackson: Justice was served. It wasn’t enough time, though. Michael is with us. Michael is with us.

Rebbie Jackson: I’m just so happy it’s over with. Nothing will bring him back, but I’m happy [Dr. Murray] was found guilty.

La Toya Jackson: Thank you America. Thank all the fans, thank the prosecuting team, Walgren you were great, everybody was wonderful. I just want to thank you. Michael loves everybody out here, I love him, we all love him. And guess what, he was in that court room and that’s why victory was served.

It was Yashi Brown , Rebbie's daughter, you heard scream when the verdict was being read inside the courtroom, the word she said was "handcuffs"

Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy Hilton, says she’s “thrilled,” that justice was served, “but still, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and their family are leaving today without their son.”

In other Entertainment News:

Braxton Family Values Season 2 premieres Nov 10th at 9pm on Wetv, Take a look at the preview of the season...

Finally tv is about to get good again, with the Braxtons and the ATL "Housewives" there is going to be some entertainment on television now.

Everybody loves Strippers even Marques Houston has a favorite one, he put out a song about her:

In other news, Drake New album was leaked today Monday Nov 7th, was it on purpose was it just a regular leak...we don't know all I know, Drake singing just makes me feel like jumping off the building, but the male sidekick in the cut seems to think different.

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