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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What The Hell Happen To 3: Blackstreet???

The group Blackstreet, had a couple of different looks with members, but after I think it was earlier 2003 they tried to attempt to come back and uhhh let's just say it didn't help them out. I hear they are suppose to be releasing a new album, now will the group look the same or will it be more new members. One thing for sure we know Teddy Riley will be in the group.

 Here's a throwback hit from "BlackStreet" - Don't Leave Me

 this is a good song, to play if your mate is about to leave you, play this song it might still work even in 2012....

 Here's another one from "Blackstreet" - Deep

What the hell happen to them continues....submit your sugguestions to theueshow@gmail.com with WTH Happen, in the subject line