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Monday, June 18, 2012

WTH Happen To Them 2: Tisha Campbell Martin Push It

Before she was Tisha Campbell Martin, She was Tisha Campbell aka Gina from the Martin show. Come to find out she had a record deal, a album out and all. A single that did pretty well for her "Push". They actually made the song "Push" part of the show at one time. So the question is, Tisha, what the hell happen to get your singing on, was it the wifey thing, the kids, did she just wanna stick to acting or what???? I don't know... But this lil tune is cool...You got to Push You got to Push to get it right...okay let me stop..Check out the video and the clip from show Martin.

Tisha Campbell - Push

Tisha singing Push on the Martin, and Martin telling her how to do it Lol, this show still is funny